Our current male is Quincunx Falcor, a blue karpati with Tonkinese colour restriction LaPerm Longhair. He has a very sweet and affectionate nature.




Glastocats LZ Bonzo, is a black LaPerm Shorthair, bred by Carol Evans. He is energetic, playful and very affectionate and will he fathered some super kittens during the time that he spent as a stud. He is now "retired" and living in a new home.



Toulouse is a brown karpati with Tonkinese colour rstriction LaPerm Longhair. He was bred by Katina Zinger as part of an outcross programme to introduce the karpati gene into UK LaPerms. This is a gene found in the domestic cat population around the Carpathian mountains in Eastern Europe which causes a sprinkling of white hairs to be mixed into the coat, especially on the points. Toulouse is a very sweet-natured cat with a lovely soft coat.







Jondalar is a lilac darker points Longhaired LaPerm. His parents are Ch. Glastocats Walter White and Ch. Quincunx Xenobia Xoom. Jondalar was Best in Show Kitten and Overall Best in Show at the 2016 LaPerm Cat Club show.


Walter is a Chocolate Darker Points Longhaired LaPerm, bred by Carol Evans

Sire: Takoda BC Nashoba Niyol (Imp), Dam: Quincunx Irma Vep


Quincunx Red Moon is a red self Longhaired LaPerm, father to a litter of kittens with Helen Head's lilac tortie girl Quincunx Zillah Zoot. He was exported to Japan to help thegene pool there and has produced somelovely kittens.


 Bertie is a lilac and white longhaired LaPerm boy and is Alonzo's son. He has an amazingly curly coat and produced some lovely kittens for us before going to live in Belgium. He is the first male LaPerm to become a GCCF champion.


Quincunx Allons-y Alonzo is a chocolate BCR longhaired LaPerm. He is a sweet-natured and playful boy who fathered two lovely litters of kittens for us and is now living with Rebecca and her family. 


Noah is a lilac BCP & white longhaired LaPerm, bred by Penni Cragg. He is a big baby, very playful and energetic, but also soppy and cuddly. He has fathered two nice litters of kittens for us and is now neutered and living in Scotland.

Males used in our breeding programme in the past have included chocolate longhaired LaPerm Coiffurr BC Cappuchino (known as Chino), bred by Twink McCabe in New Zealand and imported into the UK.

Smeralda's BC Union Jack, Blue Tabby Point & White Longhaired LaPerm, was bred in Germany by Sylvie Groenveld. He fathered four litters for us during 2007 and 2008. His kittens born here included Quincunx Jackalope Po and Quincunx Bunyip Bagatelle, who both went to help the breeding programme in the Netherlands.

Quincunx Curly Coyote (known as Wiley) was Chino's son. He was a black longhaired LaPerm and stayed with us until he had fathered three litters of his own. They were lovely kittens and included Quincunx Dill Pickle, who was a stud cat, and Quincunx Yakso Hunilkih, who went to America as a stud. Wiley went to Scandinavia and fathered some more kittens there before retiring.

Champion Coomakista Crusader, Chocolate Darker Points and White Longhaired LaPerm, fathered a lovely litter for us before moving to the Vom Feld cattery in Germany to woo some more ladies before he retired to a pet home.

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